Water bottle e-bike battery 36V

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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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CBL-BT-36V10ah Nm
Nominal Capacity:
Nominal Voltage:
Power battery:
Lifepo4 battery
36v lifepo4 bottle battery:
36v 12ah bottle battery
E-bike battery:
Lithium battery pack
36V16ah F L
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
1000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Lithum battery 36V 10AH water bottle battery 


Product Description

  Lithum battery 36V 10AH water bottle battery 

Dimention: 91*385mm 

1Charge voltage42V
2Number of series10S5P
3Nominal voltage36v
4Norminal capacity10AH(0.2C discharge)
5Charge currentstandard charging: 0.5C
6Rapid charge: 1C
7Charging timestandard charging:6.0 hours
8rapid charge: 1.5 hours
9Max charge current1C
10Max discharge current3C
11Discharge cut-off voltage28.0V
12Operating temperaturecharging: 0°C-45°C
 discharging: -10°C-45°C



BMS Spec

1. Operating current: 10-20A

2. Peak current: 20-30A

3. Charge current: 2A

4. Over-voltage protection: 42V

5. Under-voltage protection: 25V

6. Over-temperature protection: 60°C


Charger Specification:

1. Output:42V DC 2A

2. Input: 100-240VAC (As your country's standard)


1.stable and safe 

2.long cycle


1) Long cycle life

2) Maintenance-free operation

3) Good safety performance

4) Low self-discharge and fast charge

5) Environment friendly

6) High capability and stability

7) Broad operating temperature range: discharge temperature: -20-60°c


24v, 36v, 48V battery with different capacity are available for E-bike, the battery can be customize per customer request.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact  US



Bottle (Tube) Series Ebike Battery Packing List 


Model No.DescriptionMaterialsDimensionWeight






Packaging & Shipping


1) 1pack 36V 10Ah Lithium Battery (Aluminum Alloy Shell)
2) 1pcs 42V 10A-20A BMS
3) 1pcs 42V2Amps Alloy Charger

4) Key and other parts


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  Proper maintenance and care of batteries will maximize their lifespan and capacity. 

 Your electric bicycle uses a Li-Ion (lithium-ion) battery. Various types of lithium-ion batteries include LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate), LMO (Lithium Manganses Oxide), and others. Lithium-ion is a very user-friendly type of battery when cared for properly. 

Even with proper care, however, rechargeable batteries do not last forever. Every time the battery is discharged and subsequently recharged, its relative capacity decreases by a small percentage. You can maximize the life of your battery by following the instructions.

 What to do when you receive your new battery?  

 >> Batteries are not shipped with a full charge. You should charge your battery for 4-6 hours as soon as possible after you receive it.

 General use and FAQ 


 >>Most electric bikes are equipped with a five-minute sleep function. If no activity is detected after five minutes, the bike will go

 into “stasis” mode to conserve battery power. Simply cycle the bike off then on again to re-activate the battery.

 >>The rated output capacity of a battery is measured at 77°F (25°C). Any variation in this temperature will alter the performance

 of the battery. High temperatures especially reduce overall battery life & run time.

 Do I need to “break-in” my battery? 

 >>No. Although battery break-in may be necessary with some products, our battery packs go through the break-in process before they leave the manufacturer.

 Is it normal that the battery gets warm when recharging? Lithium ion batteries

 >>Yes, it is normal that the battery will become warm to the touch during the recharging process. This is because of the pack’s internal resistance and losses in energy conversion efficiency from electric energy to chemical energy.

 How long will my battery last before needing replacement? 

 >>Average battery life depends on use and conditions. Even with proper care, rechargeable batteries do not last forever. Conservatively,

 a Li-Ion battery will last about 500–800cycles (Li-ion battery) , Lifepo4 battery will be about 2000 Cycles.. A partial charge/discharge counts fractionally against those numbers;

 running the battery down halfway then recharging it completely uses up one half of a charge cycle.

 “End of useful life” refers to the point at which a battery can no longer supply 70% of its original rated capacity in ampere-hours.

 After this point, the aging process will accelerate and the battery will need to be replaced.

 Does my battery have a “memory”? 


 >>No, Li-Ion batteries do not have any memory. Partial discharge/charge cycles will not harm the battery’s capacity or performance.

 It is OK to charge the battery as often as is convenient.

 How do I Store my battery? 

 >>When storing your battery for a long period of time (longer than two months):

    Lithium-ion batteries are best stored at a 40–60% charge level. During long term storage, recharge your battery to 40–60%

 every 90 days. Determine charge level using either the built-in charge indicator on the battery pack, or the battery gauge on 

the bike. Batteries slowly self-discharge when left unused for a long period of time; if the battery cells are allowed to reach a 
critically low voltage, their lifespan and capacity will be permanently reduced.



1, Remove the battery from the bike.

 2, Always disconnect your charger from the wall outlet and battery before storing the battery.

 3, Avoid storing your battery in extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold.

 4, Batteries are best kept in a cool, dry place. Do not allow your battery to accumulate condensation, as this could cause corrosion

 or a short-circuit.

 5, The recommended storage temperature for Li-Ion batteries is between 32–77°F (0–25°C).


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